It Counts!

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◕ The Team ◕

Hello! We are It Counts, a team of 4 consisting of students from Singapore Polytechnic and National Junior College. We are one out of the 110 teams under Citi-YMCA Youth for Causes 2012 Programme. What we are doing is basically organising fund raising events to raise funds for En Community Services Society. Our events emphasise on family bonding as we feel strongly about the importance of family. If you would like to have more updates on our events, you can LIKE us on FACEBOOK or FOLLOW us on TWITTER:]

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Core team members:
♠Zhe Hong  -- Team Leader
♠Joey         -- Vice Team Leader
♠Shahidah  -- Secretary
♠Hui Li        -- Treasurer

Sub-core team members:
♠Annzy        -- Treasurer
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